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Materiel movements in exercise Cobra Gold '98 Warfare Prehistoric Ancient Medieval Early modern Industrial Modern Fourth-generation warfare Air Information Land Sea Space Armor Artillery Biological Cavalry Conventional Chemical Cyber Electronic Infantry Nuclear Psychological Unconventional Aerial Battle Cavalry Charge Cover Counter-attack Counter-insurgency Foxhole Guerrilla warfare Morale Siege Tactical objective Trench warfare Blitzkrieg Deep battle Maneuver warfare Operational manoeuvre group Attrition Deception Defensive Offensive Counter-offensive Goal Naval Containment Economic warfare Limited war Military science Philosophy of war Strategic studies Total war Command and control Doctrine Education and training Engineers Intelligence Ranks Staff Technology and equipment Materiel Supply chain management Asymmetric warfare Cold war Mercenary Military campaign Military operation Network-centric warfare Operations research Principles of war Proxy war Religious war Theater War crimes War film War novel Battles Operations Sieges Wars War crimes Weapons Writers v t e Materiel (from the French matériel for equipment or hardware, related to the word material, and sometimes so spelled in English) is a term used in English for equipment and supplies in military and commercial supply chain management. In a military context, materiel relates to the specific needs of a force to complete a specific mission. The term is also often used in a general sense ("men and materiel") to describe the needs of a functioning army. Materiel management consists of continuing actions relating to planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, controlling, and evaluating the application of resources to ensure the effective and economical support of military forces. It includes provisioning, cataloging, requirements determination, acquisition, distribution, maintenance, and disposal. The terms "materiel management", "materiel control", "inventory control", "inventory management", and "supply management" are synonymous.Military materiel is often shipped to and used in severe climates without controlled warehouses and material handling equipment. Packaging and labeling often needs to meet stringent technical specifications to help ensure proper delivery and final use.Materiel in the commercial distribution context comprises the items being moved by the services of or as the products of the business, as distinct from those involved in operating the business itself. ^ DoD Integrated Materiel Management (IMM) for Consumable Items, 4140.26-M, Volume 2, September 24, 2010, Glossary, p. 38. ^ Maloney, J. C. (July 2003). "The History and Significance of Military Packaging". Defence Packaging Policy Group. Defence Logistics Agency. Retrieved 7 June 2011.
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