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Magellanic Clouds

The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds ALMA antennae bathed in red light. In the background there is the southern Milky Way on the left and the Magellanic Clouds at the top. The two Magellanic Clouds (or Nubeculae Magellani) are a duo of irregular dwarf galaxies visible from the southern hemisphere, which are members of the Local Group and are orbiting the Milky Way galaxy. Because they both show signs of a bar structure, they are often reclassified as Magellanic spiral galaxies. The two galaxies are:* Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), about 160,000 light-years away* Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC), about 200,000 light years away ^ "Media Advisory: Virtual Press Conference to Mark ALMA Inauguration". ESO. Retrieved 3 April 2013.  ^ Allen, R. H. (1963). Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning (Reprint ed.). New York, NY: Dover Publications Inc. pp. 294–295.
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